BibleScope App Reviews

Best Bible

I love this app this is the only Bible app I use. Lots of great features many different languages and versions. I have this app on all of my iOS devices and recommend it to all.

This is my new Bible!

I love this app. I have used other apps. This app offers locally saved bible versions. I live in Tennessee, and there are churches I visit where a strong signal is hard to come by so I can still view this bible even with no signal. The ability to purchase other versions makes this app perfect! The prices for the other versions are comparable to other apps as well. Get this Bible and look no further!!

Great Tool

This is an excellent tool for "on-the-go" Bible study. I often cannot take a Bible everywhere I go, but often wish I had one handy. Put a basic Bible library in your pocket and have the Scriptures at your fingertips. I find it especially useful for reaching out to to people who may never crack a book, but are app happy. The WEB Bible version is my favorite, comparing favorable to the New American Standard (my personal preference). Spurgeons Daily Devotional is also part of my routine now. Easy to navigate, comfortable text size (as well as the option to set to your preferences), fast navigation and handy notes. A good option for anyone looking for a portable study tool.

haMedia provides an excellent Bible App

I have had this app since Kenny Ham introduced it in 2008. I use it everyday and it is the greatest Bible tool electronically I've used and I've tried quite a few. He's always working to provide us with the best program. I recommend it to everyone.

Needs more versions

This is a great app, no problems whatsoever. I would love to see the Spanish Reina Valera 1960 for instance. I don't know if any of your other apps has it.

Won't Open After Update

Great app, use it all the time. Now after updating on the iPad it won't open. Gets to the splash screen and quickly closes. Hope it gets fixed right away. Looking forward to using it again. Soon!

Bible scope crash

I updated to a new version this pass weekend and now it does not work at all, Irun on an iPad2 running iOS


I have always loved this app, however, this is the first time I've tried to use it since the February 16 update and it immediately crashes. I cannot even get into the app. Please help!

BibleScope is an Excellent Tool (5.1.6)

Love this app! I use it all the time! But I'm wondering what happened to the free scrolling? The pages scroll many verses at a time instead of a slow controlled scroll. Also I think that there may be a bug in the Verse Memorization section. When I go to the "Extras" and "Verse Memorization" and I try to add a verse(s) manually (using the scroll) it only adds (Genesis1:1). Other than these two things, I am very satisfied with this app!!! Thanks for all your hard work!


this is so far the best bible app i'v found. the only problem with it i'v found so far is that it is a battery hog! if that could be fixed, it'd be awesome!!


1. You need to put the CROSS back om the Bible icon. I want people that look at my phone to recognize my Bible and the CROSS straight out.; right out on the front...except now it isn't there anymore! 2. The Strong's references aren't highlighted any more, making them harder to tell if the word you touch is even available without reading to see if it matches the word or not. 3. The Chapter Catelog keeps defaulting to the new way of selecting, which I DON'T LIKE, and won't stay the way I put it. (The old way). I still like the app, but now it is starting to frustrate me because you have taken away some of the things I like and use. I had NO issues with the program until they forced these changes in the update. PLEASE PUT IT BACK, or at least give me the option of keeping them the way I want them, by default.

Awesome update

I love the new features that you have added. Being able to trace a single word through the scriptures really helps understand the meaning. I use this app more than I do my other hard back bibles, it's just so user friendly. The only thing I wish it had, and this is just to put on the wish list, would be a way to click on the Greek or Hebrew word to hear it pronounced. And that is splitting hairs. This app is by far my favorite when it comes to bible study. No paper back book in my opinion can touch it. Being able to control the text size, is just one of a incredibly long list of reasons that I like this app. The designer has always been quick to respond to constructive ideas and I just know with more prayer that my next item on my wish list is going to happen. This app is 5 stars all day long. Thanks again for making bible study fun.


lol people actually think this is real?? hahahaha

Bad scrolling

Scrolling went from free scrolling to sheets and it is terrible on the iPhone when splitting the screen with another version. The sheets are not set up on verse breaks but mid verse. May only see one verse on the page and when I scroll down it jumps down five to eight verses. Not very user friendly. Please restore free scrolling from previous version. Menu bar colors also lack black. I have to choose a Coker like red, blue, etc.... I would have rated higher if updated contained more options instead of replacing the defaults.

Five star app, one star update.

The update made searching so slow it's almost useless. I hate the changes made to the basic menu bar.


Great app at a great price. Scrolling interface, and you can adjust text size.

Totally Awesome

One of my top favorite apps. Use it daily. Love the daily devotions and ease of use. Many thanks to the developer.

The best Bible app I've used!

I've been using this app on my phone for the last two years. I love this app. I've used a few other Bible apps, but I haven't found one that I like to use as much as Biblescope. The only other Bible app that I find comparable is Logos, but that is only because Logos has many more reference books. Biblescope is still my favorite app. I'm a minister and Sunday school teacher and I've used this app to write lessons and prepare sermons on the go. I only have two complaints regarding this app. 1. I wish the note section was a little easier to organize and manage. 2. It would be nice if you were able to split screen a bible and a note. I couldn't tell you how handy that would be to be able to look on my screen and instantly see my notes along with my scripture. Other than these two suggestions I highly recommend this app. I love it so much I gifted it to my Mom on her new iPhone. I always recommend to other friends and ministers to purchase this app for their iPhone. Thank you.

Move bookmarks to notes

I love this app. A big drawback is that the bookmarks could not be moved to and organized in the "Notes" section. I think the "Notes" section should be enhanced with more options and look more professional.


This is a great app. It makes it easy to study the word of GOD. it allows me to effortlessly browse through the bible no matter where I choose to search.

Wonderful - but could be excellent...

I pastor a church and preach off of the iPad and I've tried many other Bible reading/study programs for the iPad. My favorite program so far is not available on the iPad... So I stick with Bible Scope. Positives: independent from the Internet, it's easy to navigate and there are multiple versions available at the click of a button; that being said though I find that it is difficult to copy verses or a group of verses to my Pages docs. I also cannot copy definitions from the built in dictionary. The note taking part is difficult to comprehend or use. I have other complaints, but really the problem is I am comparing it to e-sword where I have found a simplistic interface and a very easy way of taking notes, reading notes and using notes in a message or study. I think you should make the landscape view where the right side becomes a note bar tied to the current verse of study if desired. Oh if I had the time and the knowledge... BUT I am at the mercy of programmers and computer geeks, sooo I attempt to use what I find available and best. Biblescope is it for the iPad. Thanks for doing all you do but i encourage you to look into the changes I spoke of above. There are more ideas/changes but I will refrain from sounding disappointed with a product that I find pretty good.

Will not split side to side.

Dual split only works top to bottom. Supposed to be able to split side to side. That is why you have the option of choosing left or right. Not top or bottom. Unacceptable. I really miss the old version. Haven't been able to use app effectively since update. Shown in landscape. Will not consistently split side to side for commentary.

Bible Study

One of the best Bible study programs for iPad and iPhone for a very reasonable price. I have been using this program since the Iphone 3G. You will not be disappointed that's a guarantee...

Best Bible app I have found

This is the best I have found so far. It is really nice that you don't need a wifi connection to use. Would be nice if they had NIV version though...


This is really a great app, especially considering the price. I would give it 5 stars if... (1) it remembered the verse where the reader left off instead of always going back to the beginning of the last chapter viewed, (2) offered an inexpensive (or free) version of the ESV, (3) had better search parameters. That said, there are some really nice features in this app. The easy Strong's look up is fabulous. Well done!

Ver 3.4 does not work so well with the iPod touch. I am told there is an update coming sure wish it would come as this was my favorite bible app. Looking forward to the update.

Thumbs up!

Love the iPad interface! Thanks!

Works great!

All is well with this though I wish the search worked better


Old folks in cold room with gloves for medical conditions may need to wear gloves. They like using stylus for programs, but you cannot multitouch zoom to large print with stylus . Big font bible default setting for startup would be a huge plus. Even as a mid age guy I find myself zooming up the font each time I launch this. Please add default startup giant print option setting. Good price for stand alone bible. Thanks----- Wow here's an update actually two updates happened in a week. Split screen and more versions in both. Great job by boblescope staff. Adding the font option to the split ribbon was a great touch. The font size now remains from session to session. I'll throw in my vote for darby as well, but if it takes too much costs you could have a second tier and charge for more versions. I like the white background of 1.2 and the first version over the paper background mask of v1.1, which some may see on todays screen shot. I'm almost afraid to ask for much more as it could become bloatware. I like the site extra features on one of the other free versions. You might want to go toward a set of advanced features that rely on a web link providing a second tier that way. But having of all portable is a big plus and makes this implementation excellent. It is definately worth the price. Great job!!!!

Best Bible Iphone App!!!!!

I tried at least 7 other Bible apps.l have used all of them. Biblescope is the best!!! They recently added verse memorization. Good job! I also love the fact that I can read or listen to the Bible in a year I will give 5 stars if i can listen AND read at the same time. Also, it would be nice if u can add prayer journal to this so I don't have to use from another app. Just a wishful thinking:). So far, best Bible study I found! Money is more than worth it. Good investment for your spiritual life! Good job, team! Keep up the goid work. Thank you and God bless!

Good - will be awesome when bugs fixed

Biblescope has the makings of the best Bible package for iPhone out there. Yes, there's a catch. First, this package has a good many pluses. The user can make different backgrounds, use different Bible translations, select and review their own memory verses (plus those already selected), and use Bible maps. There are more pluses, but I think you get the idea. Perhaps what I like the most is the integration of a Bible commentary and dictionary (Easton's). The cross references are amazing! That said, this package needs to have the bugs worked out as soon as possible. The challenges that I see the most are below. 1. It's hard to "turn the page" from one chapter to the next. You'd better make sure that you swipe your finger perfectly horizontal. 2. The scroll feature seems to turn on or off as it wishes. And it even scrolls the page down when you want up and vice versa. (Maybe that's a setting I need to change. I just haven't found it yet.) 3. The s/w links some functions to the verse number. The problem with that is when the verse number is next to the bottom or side of the viewing area. It's hard to select the verse number and not another function instead. I'm sure that those will be fixed in time. The author clearly put a bunch of contemplation into how to make this a very user-friendly package. He has a VERY good start. I've used several other bundles before. They are more refined (bugs fixed) for the most part, but not as user-friendly. I'm thinking that this is the package that I'll prefer to use, bugs and all. Once they are fixed, this package will gain a FIVE STAR rating!

Biblescope is becoming terrible lately

This app starts out as a streamlined and responsive app. The latest releases, however, have become slower and slower, to the point that it is unbearable. When one touches the screen to select a chaper or verse, it typically takes a few seconds to respond. Frequently, you are not sure whether it accepts the input and selects again. When it finally opens the book, it took another 5-8 sec to jump to the correct chapter and verse. I have used many Bible apps on both the iPhone and Palm, and none as slow as this app as it stands now. I am just about to going back to flip thru' the pages on a paper Bible, which is much faster and less confusing.


I don't know how this app has so many good reviews. Within any single chapter I can find many annoying mistakes that make it extremely difficult to read. I would very highly recommend buying any other Bible app before this poorly translated one.

Simply the best Bible app you can get.

With the new ability to organize my 91 bookmarks into folders this has matured into the premier Bible app. I've tried many of them, and this is at the top of a long list. Buy it. Buy it now. You won't regret it. Second to none. P.S. Great customer support too.

the best so far, but could use these changes.

hey, Love the bible software, I love not being online , etc. Good job. Please consider these things when updating. 1. Please see that the icon get's changed. it looks horrible. photographs are no good. hire a firm, your software is worth it. even if it's just the holy bible font you have. 2. Would love to be able to turn off of the burned paper look. i know, i know, it's a bible, and it's old. but it's on an iphone. you don't have to be victem to cliche's is all i'm saying. a cleaner look as an option would be great. thanks for all the hard work, and hope my criticism is considered in future releases.


...but, the opening logo stays on too long, it's on white not parchment, the spacing on the verse numbers is wrong & distracting and a color might be nice, the scroll wheel is cool but cumbersome, overall it's a busy/full interface. I like the notes-taker, daily read, Matthew Henry Commentary, split-screen feature.

Best user friendly Bible app for the iPhone

I've purchased many Bible apps for the iPhone but this one blows away even $30 apps. Best Bible implementation on the iPhone.


Biblescope is the cutting edge of Iphone Bible apps. With the addition of side-by-side note taking, this app is essential to any Iphone user who takes their Christian life seriously. So much time is wasted switching between notes and scripture but Biblescope solved that problem. This app is definitely a testament to Christian excellence. Thank you Kenny.

Most Valued App

BibleScope is the only app I use every day. It has many great features, but my favorite at this time is the tilt-to-scroll, which moves the text at an ideal speed. I have been reading more since that feature was added. My rating moves closer to a 5 with each upgrade, especially when an annoying bug has been slayed.

Love it

I love this app, but I really liked the bible Icon much better then the new one. My vote would be to change it back!

Landscape! Still great, though.

The versions keep improving. Keep it up! It uses so many features, it's hard to keep up. Electronic Bibles sell for at least twice this amount, so it's well worth it. Just one thing forces me to give it 4/5 stars... No landscape mode yet. I look forward to more updates. Love the multitude of color/font options! This is by far the best in the app store and doesn't use the web like others do. -Update- Made it 5/5 stars for adding landscape. Great work! -Update- Removed one star for changing the icon. Back to 5 if you change it back!

Love it...just bring back the Bible picture Icon

The updates are great I just prefer to have the picture (icon) of the Bible rather that the cross icon. Thanks and keep up the great work! God bless you!

Constantly Updated

The developer is cranking out updates left and right. You can tell he is really passionate about his program and is striving to make it better!

Better with age

Dwnloaded this months ago. Useful. Was Slightly buggy , but the developer obviously cared about making this app better, more intuitive, and a real joy to use. With every upgrade it proves a priceless investment. Ty.

Best so far..

OK. Here is what I like about this App. 1) Background Picture It has a few of background options and I absolutely love one of them. Which is called an 'old paper' and this suits with the scripts so well it feels as if I'm reading the original script on an ancient paper. I hated other apps for not having any BG options. Just plain white BG which it drains the battery life rather quickly. So it would be awesome if there could be more of BG pictures. Please dev team! I need more BGs!! 2) Note I can add notes to the specific verses or just write a note in general. And it seems that the length of note I can write is limitless. I know this because I've once wrote a few pages long of note. The UI for the note taking is simply AMAZING. You could pull up & pull down note screen and scroll through it while reading the verses. It happens on the same screen. 3) Feature packed Just name any features that other Bible apps has, I bet you probably could find the same features in this app too.

Love it........ Thanks!!

I have to say that this is the first review that I've submitted. I purchased this application shortly after it's release. Not once have I regretted the money spent. The developer did a great job of putting it together. I love the red lettering. The fact that it holds my place when my reading is interrupted. I can increase the font size for my comfort. It has a search. That would be my only request. I would like to have a better verse search resource. However, it's not enough to reduce my 5 star rating. Thank you.............. I absolutely love my app.

Well done

Not only is my iPhone screen protector mirrored, but through this app, i can easily access and see myself daily through the mirror that is God's Word. Your hard work and faithfulness is appreciated.

Awesome Bible App!!

This is the best Bible app for the iPhone! The author is very responsive to suggestions and frequently updates the program. The interface is slick and functions very well. I highly recommend this one!

I love the recent updates, but there is definitely missing features, and room for improvement

Please Add: . Ability to move notes up and down, as well as the ability to sort notes by size, last viewed, or alphabetically. . Ability to organize notes into folders . Ability to add pictures into notes . I would enjoy being able to view all of my highlighted verses at once. . When I am in split-screen mode, I would love being able to see 2 different versions side by side, or, when viewing a page with notes I took on a verse in on that page, I would like to see the normal page on one side, and the notes on that Chapter or verse on the opposite side. Please Fix: . The landscape keyboard is EXTREMELY buggy and needs to be fixed. When typing notes in landscape mode, the text will go off screen if it is “too“ long. It is only possible to view two lines at once, and this is very, very irritating. Is there a way to improve that? Also, when typing notes in landscape mode and then switching to portrait mode, a large amount of the screen is grayed out . When I am in split-screen in landscape mode, and hit the “split” button again, and then return to portrait mode, the right two-thirds of the screen is black, while the last one-third shows text crammed into a tiny area. Also, while this is taking place, when I tilt my Ipod Touch back into landscape mode, and then go to settings and tilt my Ipod back into Portrait mode, only the left two thirds appear on the settings page. When everything is in good quality, I will add more stars in my review.

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